"Imagine a sentry guarding a post that you must bypass. The sentry may be standing still, but his mind is alert and his systems are functioning. Everything is in motion. Blood flows, muscles tense, food is digested, and atmospheric gases are inhaled and exhaled. All that motion is enough to make him dizzy and queasy, and by focusing on that flow of blood, you can make that happen. The sentry will be so overwhelmed that he will be disabled, yet will suffer no permanent side effects."
―Jedi Master Oppo Rancisis[src]

Oppo Rancisis, a Jedi Master who perfected Malacia

Malacia was a Force technique that was used to induce a powerful dizziness and nausea in enemies by turning their equilibrium against them. It was completely incapacitating, but caused no damage to the body, and so was not considered a dark side power. Even so, the effects of the power were sometimes so severe that it could cause a target to vomit. The principal quality of the technique was that a Force user utilized it by transforming a target's energy rather than using their own.[1]

Malacia was mentioned and described in Asli Krimsan's holocron and the Great Holocron. While the technique was not unknown, most Jedi of the Old Republic rarely applied this ability, preferring instead to achieve the same effects through other powers such as Force push or affect mind. Some Jedi also criticized the Force power for only being able to affect organic beings, but proponents of it nevertheless regarded it as a powerful defense.[1] Jedi Master Oppo Rancisis perfected this power, attempting to teach it to many studying Jedi, with almost none of them actually mastering it. Jedi Council Member Master Plo Koon also learned this ability, although he never mastered it to the level of Master Oppo Rancisis.


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