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«I wouldn't be in business if there wasn't a market for what I sell. Just you remember that!»

Malak was a Rodian female slaver born in 26 BBY and active during the Galactic Civil War. She was known to attack ill-defended communities with her gang and kidnap victims, sometimes severely injuring them. Although Malak abducted the Abyssin Myo from his native planet Byss to enslave him, he later escaped from her. In 10 ABY, Malak was active and at large, but she was also tracked by the authorities of the New Republic.


Malak was a Rodian female who was born in 26 BBY.[1] She worked as a slaver during the Galactic Civil War, both leading up to[2] and after the Battle of Endor of 4 ABY, which saw the Galactic Empire suffer a major defeat. She was the commander of her own gang of raiders, leading them in incursions against unsuspecting, unprotected villages. During these raids Malak used a modified snare gun to capture living prey.[1]

Circa 1 BBY, Malak was still a petty criminal. She attacked[2] the Outer Rim planet[3] Byss, which was inhabited by Abyssins, who were a common target for slavers by that point.[4] She captured at least one Abyssin, Myo, and took him aboard her starship. She then left Byss and made a stop at Kinun Depot to refuel her ship. Myo took the opportunity to escape from Malak.[2]

The Empire listed her as the subject of one of their TracSheets, which were used to record charges against criminals. Malak was filed under number 11706900-AGTY-233476. She was accused with several charges, including the activities of a slaver and the possession of illegal weapons. She was also suspected of piracy. Although the New Republic, which was established shortly after the Battle of Endor, had executed several campaigns to end slavery from 4 ABY onward, Malak was still at large and active as of 10 ABY.[1]

Personality and traits[]

Malak was easily recognized because she had lost some of the spikes Rodians had on their heads, had several scars on her neck and face—including on the snout—and wore a number of valuable rings on her hands. She had pale green skin and was 1.5 meters in height. Malak commonly carried a snare gun and MagnaCuffs to use on her targets, along with a blaster pistol.[1]

Malak was an accomplished torturer without any mercy and an expert in her specialized business activities. She loved violence and relished making raids on defenseless and unsuspecting communities. She was also a shrewd negotiator, a good pilot and navigator, and a capable fighter. Her leadership skills were limited to her gang. Malak was a violent speciesist who despised sentients from species other than her own, and cared only about money, disregarding the state, health, or lives of the people she sold. Sometimes she accepted private contracts for "specialty goods." Malak justified her activities by saying that there was a niche market for them.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Malak was first mentioned in Rick D. Stuart's Galaxy Guide 11: Criminal Organizations (1994). This book, a supplement to West End Games' Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, includes a portrait of Malak drawn by Terry Pavlet and a quote by the character. The quote is described as a translation without specifying the original language in which Malak spoke. The character was also mentioned in the Myo character entry in the book Alliance Intelligence Reports (1995), a resource supplement to Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game.


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