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"You won't find a more tireless and loyal subject. I offer my military prowess and dedicate every ounce of my strength to your cause."
―Malavai Quinn[src]

Malavai Quinn was a male Human officer of Sith Empire born in the early years of the Great Galactic War. Raised in a military family, Malavai followed the footsteps of his father Rymar Quinn in joining the Imperial Military. During the Battle of Druckenwell he corrected a critical oversight by his superior Moff Broysc, allowing the Imperial victory, but was court-martialed for insubordination, ending up in a dead-end assignment on Balmorra. There he was absorbed into the intelligence network of the Sith Lord Darth Baras, who looked over Quinn's career for the next decade. Late in the Cold War Quinn assisted Baras' newest Sith apprentice in neutralizing his spy Rylon and stopping the Jedi Knight Mashallon from exposing Baras' network. As a reward, Baras awarded Quinn a posting of his choosing and the Captain choose to serve alongside the Sith apprentice, while remaining a spy for Baras.

Quinn traveled with the apprentice for a long time, as the Sith grew more and more powerful, taking Jedi Padawan Jaesa Willsaam as an apprentice and killing Baras' master Darth Vengean on his orders. As the Sith's power grew, Baras set up a trap to end his apprentice's life, but the Sith was rescued by the Emperor's Hand and made the second Emperor's Wrath, tasked to undermine Baras' bid for power. Baras ordered Quinn to dispose of his former apprentice and Quinn set a trap for Wrath, luring the Sith to a space station and attacking the Wrath with two specially programmed assault droids at his side. However, the Wrath easily prevailed over Quinn, winning his loyalty and allowing him to remain at their side. The Wrath confronted Darth Baras on Korriban and killed him, after which the Dark Council fully acknowledged the Sith's authority. During his travels with the Sith, Quinn put a stop to Moff Broysc's incompetence, ending the loose end of the Republic Strategic Information Service agent Voloren and saving Major Ovech from a trap sprung through Broysc's inaction. Eventually, Quinn abducted Broysc and brought him to the Sith's Fury-class Imperial interceptor, where after receiving the Sith's permission he executed the Moff.

The Emperor's Wrath went missing early on in the Eternal Empire conquest and Quinn spend months searching for the Sith. When ordered by the Sith Minister of Logistics Gelmid Lorman to call off the search, Quinn refused and was thrown into Imperial prison for his defiance. He remained imprisoned for years until Lorman was exposed for conspiring against Empress Acina, who pardoned Quinn and made him her new advisor. When the Empire received an anonymous intel regarding an immensely powerful superweapon on a recently rediscovered world of Iokath, Acina send Quinn as an ambassador to the Eternal Alliance Commander, with the orders to sabotage the meeting and escape should the Alliance turn against Empire. Taken captive by Lana Beniko who treated him as an assassin, Quinn presented himself to the Alliance Commander and arranged a formal holocall with the Empress.


Early life and serviceEdit

"I owe Darth Baras more than you can imagine."
―Malavai Quinn[src]
Malavai Quinn

On Balmorra, Quinn demonstrated quick thinking and initiative in foiling the actions of the Jedi Mashallon.

The son of Rymar Quinn, Malavai was born on Dromund Kaas around 3680 BBY.[1] As a child, he idolized the Imperial Guard, as service in that unit was the highest honor a non-Sith could achieve in the Empire.[2] Quinn became an officer of the Sith Empire during the Great Galactic War, earning the rank of lieutenant by the time of Battle of Druckenwell in 3653 BBY, in which Quinn was a commanding officer assigned to Moff Broysc. Broysc made a critical oversight that nearly resulted in defeat, but Quinn chose to disobey the Moff's direct order and single-handedly returned the advantage to the Empire, resulting in a Republic defeat. However, Broysc was furious at the insubordination from Quinn, who had been tracking a Republic Strategic Information Service agent Voloren and had the man cornered when Broysc recalled Quinn to serve in the battle. The Moff took credit for Quinn's saving of the fleet, but chose to court-martial his subordinate. Fortunately for Quinn, the Sith Lord Darth Baras assigned Quinn to Balmorra, leaving Broysc to fume and block every transfer or promotion Quinn received during his time on the planet. Now part of Baras' massive intelligence network, Quinn remained posted on Balmorra for the next ten years.[3]

In 3643 BBY Quinn was instructed by Baras' to assist his new Sith apprentice, who was on Balmorra with a mission to neutralize Baras' spy Commander Rylon. Rylon was embedded amongst the Balmorran resistance and Jedi Master Nomen Karr had sent an investigator to expose him. Malavai Quinn directed the apprentice in covering Rylon's tracks.[4] The most urgent was recovering data from a satellite control tower in the Markaran Plains that contained evidence of Rylon's involvement in sabotage of Balmorran defenses prior to imperial invasion.[5] The next target was Rylon's son Durmat, who knew of his father's true allegiance and was waiting to be interrogated by the Jedi investigator. The Sith apprentice eliminated Durmat in his cell before the Jedi arrived.[6] The Sith then went to confront Rylon at the Balmorran Arms Factory and killed him, however Quinn alerted the apprentice that the investigator sent by Nomen Karr was a Jedi Knight, who had recorded the conversation between the Sith and Rylon and was headed for the Sobrik spaceport. While the apprentice pursued the Jedi Mashallon, Quinn had intercepted her off-world transmissions, thereby keeping the Jedi in the dark.[7]

Quinn then returned to his office in Sobrik, where Baras' apprentice reported to the Sith Lord on a private call. The Sith gave credit to Quinn for his assistance in the mission, so Baras promoted him to captain and awarded him a posting of his choosing. Quinn asked the Sith to allow him to travel and serve alongside them, and his request was granted. However, Quinn also remained a spy for Darth Baras and was instructed to keep an eye for his new apprentice.[8]

Travels with Baras' apprenticeEdit

"When Servant One contacted the ship in your absence, I didn't know what to make of it. So it's true... you've been chosen as the Emperor's Wrath. And we now fight against Darth Baras."
―Malavai Quinn[src]

Quinn joined Baras' apprentice on their Fury-class Imperial interceptor, where he joined the apprentice's traveling companion Vette. Together they joined the Sith on the Hunt for Jaesa Willsaam, the apprentice of Jedi Master Nomen Karr, chasing her trail on Tatooine and Alderaan before confronting her on Hutta, where the Sith tempted Jaesa to join their side as an apprentice. Baras then enacted his Plan Zero, sending his apprentice to eliminate members of Republic War Trust on Taris and Jedi Knight Xerender on Hoth. After Baras maneuvered his apprentice to kill his master Darth Vengean, he ascended to the Dark Council and, growing concerned about his apprentice's growing power, Baras set a trap for them on Quesh. However, the apprentice was rescue by the Emperor's Hand and given the title of the Emperor's Wrath. Now tasked with undermining Baras' power base, the new Emperor's Wrath stopped Baras' sister Darth Ekkage from escaping Belsavis prison and freed the Emperor's Voice from being trapped in the Dark Heart on Voss.[8]

Under orders from Baras, Quinn then moved to dispose of the Emperor's Wrath, who was on the way to Corellia to stop the assassination of Baras' rival on the Dark Council Vowrawn. Quinn claimed that Baras has instituted martial law on Corellia preventing any authorized ship from landing, and that the Wrath's crew needed to steal a special transponder in order to bypass the Imperial blockade. The Sith traveled to the transponder station at the coordinates Quinn provided, where Captain revealed that there was no martial law and the entire thing was a ruse. Quinn then apologized to the Sith, whom he grew to respect, explaining that he owed Darth Baras too much and that his allegiance to him came first. He unveiled two assault droids that were programmed with combat data Quinn had gathered on the Wrath, but his overconfidence proved to be his downfall. The Wrath destroyed the droids and Force-choked Quinn for his betrayal but chose to spare him whereas Baras would not. Despite his betrayal and after begging forgiveness, Quinn was allowed to remain at the new Wrath's side, with a chance to earn back their trust.[9]

The Wrath and their crew traveled to Corellia, where Quinn and the rest of the Sith's companions were tasked to safeguard Darth Vowrawn back on the Empire's Wrath's Fury-class Imperial interceptor. When Sith Lord Draahg attempted to assassinate Vowrawn on the ship, the crew moved Vowrawn to a safe house in Coronet City, and the Dark Councilor later mentioned that Quinn fought vigilantly and should be praised for his deeds. The Captain stated that he did everything in hopes for the Wrath to forgive his betrayal. Foiling Baras' plans on Corellia, his former apprentice confronted him in the Dark Council Chambers of the Korriban Academy and killed him, after which Darth Marr fully acknowledged their authority as the Emperor's Wrath.[8]

During his travels with the Sith, Quinn performed maintenance on the ship and eventually upgraded the Fury's hyperdrive. With the Sith's consent, Quinn was promoted to Captain 2nd Rank. Finally, Quinn became aware of Imperial operations suffering because of his former commander Moff Broysc and decided to intervene. This included tracking down the Republic Strategic Information Service agent Voloren whom Broysc grossly underestimated and saving Major Ovech and the majority of his men from a death trap in a supposedly secret warehouse on Cato Neimoidia, sprung through Broysc's general incompetence. Eventually, Quinn and the Sith got into holoconference with Broysc, determining that he was suffering from severe dementia. Broysc had dubbed Quinn Admiral Malcontent and blamed him for defeats that occurred years before his birth. With Sith's permission, Quinn contacted Imperial High Command in hopes they would remove Broysc, but none had the courage to stand up to him.[8]

Since Broysc's political and military connections would not allow him to be removed through the proper channels, Quinn decided to take matters into his own hands and abducted Broysc from a pleasure barge where he had been holed up while a battle was ongoing, bringing him to the Sith's ship. Clearly mad, Broysc ordered the Sith to surrender the vessel and its crew to his command and even kill themselves. His patience stretched to breaking point, Quinn requested the Sith's permission to execute the Moff, which was granted to him. After disposing of the body, Quinn learned from from universal chatter that the Imperials agreed to be better off without Broysc. Quinn was pleased with his work, though regretted having not acting earlier.[8]

After the Eternal Empire conquestEdit

"Major Quinn. Advisor to the Empress and loyal servant of the Sith Empire. Like Captain Dorne, I come bearing a message."
―Malavai Quinn[src]
Malavai Quinn 1

Quinn and Dorne meet the Alliance Commander on Iokath

Quinn remained at the side of the Emperor's Wrath for over five years, until the Sith went missing early on in the Eternal Empire conquest of 3637 BBY. The Sith's crew aboard the Fury mourned his absence and soon disbanded. Feeling that without the Wrath the Empire was doomed to fall, Quinn spend months searching for the Sith, even as the Dark Council fell to the Eternal Empire and Darth Acina proclaimed herself the new Empress. Finally, Quinn was ordered by the Sith Minister of Logistics Gelmid Lorman to call off the search. Quinn refused and was thrown into Imperial prison for his defiance. He remained imprisoned for years until Lorman was exposed for conspiring against Acina during an official visit on Dromund Kaas by the Alliance Commander. Shortly afterwards, Acina pardoned Quinn, promoted him to the rank of Major and made him her new advisor.[10]

The Eternal Empire was overthrown by the Alliance formed by Lana Beniko, which absorbed its military strength along with the Eternal Fleet, presenting itself as a new power on the galactic scale. When the Empire received an anonymous intel regarding an immensely powerful super-weapon on a recently rediscovered world of Iokath in 3632 BBY,[11] Acina send a detachment of Imperial forces to secure the weapon, where they clashed with both the Republic forces and the Eternal Alliance's Eternal Fleet. Acina send Major Quinn as an ambassador to the Alliance Commander, with the orders to sabotage the meeting and escape should the Alliance turn against Empire. Taken captive by Beniko who treated him as a possible assassin Quinn presented himself to the Alliance Commander along with Republic Captain Elara Dorne and arranged a formal holocall with the Empress, who asked the Commander to side with the Empire against the Republic forces led by Supreme Commander Jace Malcom.[10]

Personality and traitsEdit

"Service is its own reward."
―Malavai Quinn[src]

Extremely loyal to the Empire, Quinn supported those who sought to further its interest, but did not tolerate those who were either disloyal or irrational in duty. His act of defiance against Moff Broysc saved the Empire at Druckenwell, but stalled Quinn's career for the next ten years. He was not afraid to express earned admiration for his superiors such as Darth Baras, but neither did he hesitate to speak his mind in their presence. Valuing competence alongside loyalty, Quinn saw personal enemies of Darth Baras as enemies of the Empire until his betrayal of Baras' apprentice went sour, after which he fully dedicated himself to the new cause. Quinn expressed displeasure when he was forced to betray the Wrath and spent every effort trying to earn forgiveness for it afterwards.[8]

Skills and abilitiesEdit

"I'm a top-notch pilot, military strategist and a deadly shot. I can fly this ship, plan your battles, assess your enemies and kill them."
―Malavai Quinn[src]

Quinn was a highly skilled pilot and possessed a keen sense of military strategy. He preferred a blaster pistol as his weapon of choice.[8]

Behind the scenesEdit

Malavai Quinn appears in 2011 video game Star Wars: The Old Republic as a companion character for the Sith Warrior class, voiced by Richard Teverson.Female Sith Warrior can initiate a romance Quinn and later marry him.[8]

When Quinn betrays the Wrath, if the player brought another companion along, Quinn will express his opinion on them. He calls Vette an insufferable pain, takes note of Jaesa Willsaam's power and offers her to join him only to get laughed at, notes that Pierce always had a bad feeling about Quinn and refused to work with him, while Broonmark stays loyal and refuses to betray the Wrath. After defeating Quinn and his droids, the player can viciously Force Push and Force Choke Quinn for dark side points, forgive him for light side points, or simply tell him that he's not forgiven so easily for no alignment points. In the early beta version of the game, the player could execute Quinn for his betrayal and respective dialogue remains in the game files, but the option was removed from the final game due to concern that players would permanently lose their only healing companion.[8]

Quinn's fate changes greatly depending on player's choices to side with either Empire or the Republic on Iokath, neither of which is a Dark or Light side option. If the player sides with the Empire, the player orders him and Lana Beniko to defend the Fleet Spire against the Republic, where Quinn remains for the whole engagement, joining the Alliance as a companion for every class at the end.[10]

If the player sides with the Republic however, Quinn's role is more prominent. He detonates the charges planted on some Alliance vehicles and uses a Flash grenade to escape, later reporting to Acina about his assessment of the Alliance Commander's psychological profile. When Acina herself comes to Iokath, Quinn and her engineers begin working on a backdoor into a super-weapon, though Quinn notes that schematics are not 100% complete. Acina later assumes a Throne and activates the super-weapon, awakening the Old Gods, but Quinn notes that the throne rejects her input and an energy surge kills Acina, leaving the Empire leaderless, while Quinn escapes in a confusion.[10]

If the player is a Sith Warrior, Quinn will either approach them if player sided with the Empire or surrender himself to the Alliance to gain an audience if the player sided with the Republic. The player has the option to either welcome Quinn back to his side, leave him imprisoned by the Alliance if sided with the Republic, or punish Quinn for most recent and past betrayals by killing him. Female Warriors who romanced Quinn and welcomed him to their side, can choose resume their relationship or break up with him.[10]



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