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Malefax was a tattooed Devaronian male and a Dark Jedi. He carried robes and an ancient Sith sword. Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, he fell under the sway of the fallen Jedi Rav Naaran, who was held in stasis at the Dawn Temple. Malefax then kidnapped the scholar Hethan Romund and brought her to the temple on Mount Tellec at Spintir along with Advozse mercenaries. Romund was able to get a message off to some of her students, who came to Spintir to rescue her. They infiltrated the Temple and dueled Malefax, killing him before he could find the holocron, but after he was able to sabotage part of the Dawn Temple.

Behind the scenesEdit

Malefax appears in Mountaintop Rescue, the adventure in Fantasy Flight Games' 2015 Star Wars: Force and Destiny Beginner Game.



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