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The Malevolence was a Nebulon-B frigate employed by the Imperial Navy during the Galactic Civil War.

Behind the scenesEdit

The fan-maintained web site The Completely Unofficial Star Wars Encyclopedia listed a Nebulon-B frigate called the Malevalence [sic], which it claimed originated in the video game X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter.[1] The Nebulon-B frigate in that game was actually the Malevolent.

The Unofficial Encyclopedia's author and maintainer, Bob Vitas, was later one of the coauthors of The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, and this book incorporated some material from his long-running site. Thus it's possible that the book's Malevolence entry was taken from the erroneous Unofficial Encyclopedia entry, with the spelling corrected but the name not corrected to match that used in the video game. The other possibility is that the Imperial Navy had two Nebulon-B frigates during the Galactic Civil War with the similar names Malevolent and Malevolence.


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