Malita Tal was a female Human citizen of the Eternal Empire of Zakuul. A holoperformer from a young age, she was already an idol as a teenager, and her fame only increased with time. Her HoloNet performances were watched by millions, while her humanitarian and environmental work inspired her most devoted fans. Malita Tal Environmentalism Award for preserving and restoring natural ecosystems of Zakuul was created in her honor. Following the Assassination of Valkorion in 3637 BBY his son Arcann took the throne. Malita was one of the first on Zakuul to loudly question his rule. Her fans organized protest against Arcann and soon evidence against her was found by Zakuul officials. Malita was forced to flee Zakuul and go into exile on suspicion of treason.[2]

In 3632 BBY an Alliance was formed against Arcann from former Republic and Imperial forces. Malita and others wanted to join, but its location was well hidden. Eventually she found Galactic Republic Senator Tai Cordan and Imperial Admiral Zasha Ranken, the three of them decided to start an Alliance of their own. However, they were soon found out and captured. On the route to Zakuul, the Eternal Fleet warship that was transporting them was boarded by Alliance forces consisting of Senya Tirall, Lana Beniko, Theron Shan and The Alliance Commander. They found and released the prisoners, but on their way to the escape pods the GEMINI captain of the vessel initiated the self-destruct sequence. Malita and her bodyguards were trapped in the escape pod that would not launch, just like the other two groups. Theron Shan was able to launch two of three pods remotely, before the remaining one exploded, killing everyone on board.

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Malita Tal appears in Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire Chapter 15: The GEMINI Deception. The player has to choose the order of saving Malita, Ranken or Cordan. The first two persons picked survive and escape to join the Alliance, while the last one dies. Neither choice is a Light or Dark Side option.


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