Malka was a Human male Colonel who served in the Imperial Navy, and served aboard Admiral Mils Giel's flagship during the Galactic Civil War.


During the Imperial mission to transport the captured teezl to the Imperial capital, the armada led by Giel's flagship was attacked by a group of Rebel's piloting modified TIE/LN starfighters. The Imperials were caught off guard, but reacted quickly by having the teezl transmit interference on all communication channels but the Imperial war band. This prevented the Rebels from being able to use their special communicators to recognize each other. However, the Rebel pilot Luke Skywalker positioned his fighter to target Giel's battleship, and opened fire disabling the ship and destroying the teezl. Malka panicked as a result, but Giel calmly took command and dispatched a squad of fighters to capture Skywalker.[1] But the Rebel leader escaped and both Giel and Malka were demoted and reassigned to Golrath Station as a result of their failure.[2]


Colonel Malka.

Months later, a Rebel Alliance operation led by Princess Leia Organa sabotaged Golrath Station, causing the reactor core of the facility to overload and explode.[2] Sergeant Malka and Lieutenant Giel boarded an Imperial troop transport shuttle and escaped from the devastation. Their ship suffered minor damage from the blast however, and they were forced to crash-land on the nearby planet known as Beheboth.[3]

Stranded on the arid world, Malka loyally assisted Giel in a plan to enslave the powerful Tirrith entities that lived on the planet. They worked alongside a Quarren scientist and engineered a condenser unit that could contain the Tirrith creatures. They invested five years worth of their lives into the plan — a scheme that ultimately failed. During the attempt to escape from local law enforcement officer Darial Anglethorn, Giel pushed Malka into the line of fire. A blaster bolt meant for Giel hit Malka and killed him. Giel then set off an explosion and escaped Beheboth.[3]

Personality and traitsEdit

Malka was fiercely loyal to Mils Giel. After Giel was reduced in rank by Darth Vader, Malka continued to address him as Admiral. During his stay on Beheboth, Malka developed a secondary hobby—writing. He chronicled the affairs of his superior officer and recorded everything onto a datapad. Malka hoped to one day publish Giel's memoirs as a holonovel.[3]



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