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The Malkite Poisoners were adept assassins who trained in and perfected their poisoning arts on the planet Malkii, where they got the ingredients for many of their deadly poisons. They were a highly secret group, and were responsible for helping Contispex I of the Pius Dea cult in his rise to power as Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic.

Zlarb, a slaver who was killed by Han Solo, was known to be a Malkite Poisoner. Malkite poisoners, possibly including Zlarb, were known to have been involved in the death of the Mor Agmor Glayyd.

Malkite poisoners were involved in the death of Aruk Besadii Aora, where they were hired by Jiliac Desilijic Tiron to place an addictive substance designated X-1 (which only affected life forms with high brain activity) into the nala tree frogs Aruk was fond of. The toxin slowly rotted Aruk's brain and caused him to be addicted to it. The withdrawal caused by the sudden removal of the poison was enough to kill Aruk, leading to Durga taking over the Besadii clan. This particular poison used by the Malkite poisoners was sophisticated enough to elude thorough medical tests and postmortem evaluations.

Individual Poisoners were known to carry deadly poisons on their persons at all times, to kill themselves rather than be captured and interrogated, possibly revealing secrets of their society under torture.



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