Malorum was a Human male who became one of the first members of the Inquisitorius during the time following the formation of the Galactic Empire.


Tall and imposing, Malorum wore a dark maroon robe similar to that worn by Emperor Palpatine.[2] Malorum was slightly Force-sensitive, though he was never recruited by the Jedi.[3]

Malorum initially worked as an Imperial Intelligence operative, and along with Director Armand Isard, visited the Jedi Temple in the aftermath of Order 66. There, he saw a hologram of Emperor Palpatine addressing Anakin Skywalker as Lord Vader. Thus, Malorum was one of a few in the Empire—along with Prince Xizor, two decades later—who knew Vader's true identity, although Vader and Palpatine were unaware of this fact.[1]

Following the incident, Malorum was plucked out of obscurity by Palpatine, who revealed that he was a Sith and placed Malorum in charge of the Inquisitorius.[2] He was assisted by a lower Inquisitor, Hydra.[4] Subsequently, Malorum made it his business to discover everything he could about Skywalker, through bribes and surveillance, and digging into what had happened months before.[2] He learned that Skywalker was the father of Senator Amidala's (presumed deceased) child. He employed Boba Fett to investigate Naboo and the asteroid field of Polis Massa, searching for information about the late Padmé Amidala.[2] Malorum acted on his own initiative, hoping to ingratiate himself with Vader, while at the same time obtaining information to bring about his downfall. He became known as Vader's "pet" through his investigations in Vader's name. Malorum, however, wanted to replace Vader as the Emperor's apprentice,[3] and planned to become Emperor himself one day.[1]

Eventually, Malorum was reassigned to Bellassa, where he worked as the chief of security, training Imperial Security Bureau agents on the planet. Malorum became obsessed with hunting down the escaped fugitive and ex-Jedi Ferus Olin, enlisting the help of bounty hunters such as Boba Fett and D'harhan to help crush the Rebel uprising on Bellassa.[2]

The ghost of Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn then instructed his former Padawan, Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, to help Olin; because while doing so, Kenobi would learn that Malorum was investigating Polis Massa and thus Kenobi would learn about the importance of stopping Malorum before the Skywalker twins could be discovered. Olin managed to escape Bellassa with the help of Kenobi.[2] For a time, Kenobi overestimated the influence and power of Malorum, believing him to be directly behind the Inquisitorius operations in Acherin. Although Kenobi returned soon afterward to his self-imposed exile in Tatooine, he ordered Olin to deal with the threat of Malorum.[5]


Malorum on Naboo.

Malorum was then assigned to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. He set up his office in the former living quarters of Jedi Master Yoda. While in the Jedi Temple, he was paid a visit by Darth Vader. Malorum told Vader all he knew about Polis Massa, hoping to please Vader. However, when Vader heard the name of the place, he grew furious at this reminder of his dead wife, and he nearly killed Malorum.[3] The unexpected discovery of an intruder in the Temple led to Vader freeing Malorum so that the Inquisitor could track him, but to Vader's surprise, Malorum failed.[6]

Later, Malorum set a sleeper bomb in the Temple. His goal was to destroy the Temple and disgrace Vader in the Emperor's eyes. The bomb, however, was deactivated by Ferus Olin, Trever Flume, and Fy-Tor-Ana. When stormtroopers captured Ferus, they interrogated him and asked him the name of the Jedi Ferus met on Bellassa. Ferus refused to talk, despite threats of execution.[3]

Malorum sent Ferus to the prison world of Dontamo, and later ordered his execution. He then visted Naboo to learn more about Amidala. Malorum's time on Naboo was frustrating, with Queen Apailana and other Naboo politicians refusing to give him a straight answer[1] — he particularly found the Queen's attitude exasperating.[7] Malorum then killed Ryoo Thule after deducing that Amidala's child still lived, but was stopped by Ferus Olin before he could report this information. Malorum and Ferus faced off in a vicious lightsaber duel on Naboo. In the end, Malorum lost grip of his lightsaber and fell to his death into the Naboo power generator.

Although Olin had jammed the planetary communications, Palpatine knew of Malorum's death in a matter of moments, and contacted Olin to congratulate him for his success and make him an offer, before Olin could report to Kenobi.[1]

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Malorum was considered introverted, unpleasant, and not likable at all; his assistant Hydra shared these traits to a greater level.[8]



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