Fixer: "Where's the juice? I'm thirsty."
Camie: "Here, catch one."
Luke: "So, where's the party?"
Fixer: "Wherever I am, Luke. Right, Cammie?"
Camie: "Correct, lover."
―The youth of Tatooine[src]

Malt, also known as malt brew or malt ferment, was a brown alcoholic beverage served around 0 BBY in the Hard Heart Cantina aboard the first Death Star as well as in the settlement of Anchorhead on the planet Tatooine, and in the Elrood sector around 4 ABY. The shade of Jedi Knight Callista Ming's brown hair resembled the color of malt.


Malt was a brown[5] mildly alcoholic beverage[4] that was produced in different qualities. During the early stages of the Galactic Civil War, the Twi'lek Memah Roothes, operator of the Hard Heart Cantina on the first Death Star, served many different varieties of liquors, including generic and brand-named malts.[2]

Malt was also popular among the younger generation of moisture farmers on the planet Tatooine during the New Order.[4] In 0 BBY, Laze "Fixer" Loneozner asked for a drink from his girlfriend, Camie, who handed him a container of malt.[6] A few days later, while remembering the past and imagining the future, Imperial Academy graduate Biggs Darklighter and his childhood friend, farmboy Luke Skywalker, drank a malt brew from black cups at the Tosche power station in Anchorhead, a settlement on Tatooine.[1]

Men drinking Utoz

Utoz was a potent fermented malt beverage[7] made from Toz grain. It was widely popular throughout the Elrood sector.[3] Many brands of Utoz were served at the Utoz Houses,[7] the most popular social spots on the planet Merisee.[3] Utoz was considered a delicacy by the locals, but most of those who were used to lum and Corellian rum considered the beverage barely drinkable.[7]

In 44 ABY, businessman Lando Calrissian served his longtime friends Leia and Han Solo a special jet juice that had a deep malty flavor.[8]

Some Humans had hair in the shade of brown matching the color of malt; thus their hair was described as "malt brown" or "malty brown." Jedi Knight Callista Ming's original hair color was malt brown.[5] In 12 ABY, after Ming transfered her spirit into the body of the Jedi Cray Mingla, the blond hair of Mingla's body began to change to malt blond,[9] and later to malt brown.[10]

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In the final script of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, as presented in Star Wars: Behind the Magic, there was a conversation between Luke Skywalker and Biggs Darklighter, wherein Darklighter told Skywalker that he had decided to join the Rebellion against the Empire. The description of the opening of the scene stated that "Luke and Biggs are walking and drinking a malt brew." The scene was filmed in the principal photography, but it was cut during post-production.[11] Nevertheless, the scene appeared in some adaptations of the film, including the 1976 novelization, the 1981 radio drama, and the eighth issue of the Star Wars: Empire comic series, but none of them depicted or mentioned Skywalker or Darklighter drinking anything.[6][12][13] However, the script of the radio drama identified a juice drunk by Fixer in another scene as "malt ferment."[6]

In 1995, the novel Children of the Jedi was the first to describe Callista Ming's hair as malt brown.[5] In 2000, the Chronicle Books published the second Star Wars cookbook, Darth Malt and More Galactic Recipes. The title refers to a drink made of malted milk balls, milk and ice cream.[14]



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