"It's not safe to stay here. Malvander's eyes and ears are everywhere"
Naia to Yolan Bren[src]

Malvander Bren was a male, and the Imperial Governor of the planet Solem during the Galactic Civil War. He and his brother, Yolan Bren, were raised together to rule Solem, however, Yolan realized the evils of the Galactic Empire, the tyrannical governing body of the galaxy, and joined the local resistance movement. Shortly after the Battle of Yavin IV, to earn favor with his Imperial masters, Malvander retaliated against the resistance, now led by Yolan, by launching a scorched earth campaign across Solem. He also hired the infamous Mandalorian bounty hunter, Boba Fett, to capture Yolan alive so Malvander could publicly execute him. Fett was successfully able to capture Yolan after a brief skirmish with the resistance outpost in the capital city of G'ai Solem, and brought the Rebel leader back to Malvander. However, due to the cost of the resistance purges, Malvander wasn't able to pay Fett's full fee. Also because of the purges, Malvander's palace guards were left depleted, allowing large resistance riots to break out around G'ai Solem. The rioters were able to push back the palace guards and scale Malvander's large palace. While this was going on, Fett was threatening Malvander and his aides at blaster point for the rest of his money. As several Rebels broke into Malvander's chambers, Fett decided to steal the Governor's extremely valuable necklace, which would compensate him for the rest of Malvander's shortfall. Fett then left the palace, and the resistance forces were able to capture Malvander and free Yolan. At first the Rebels were going to shoot the Governor, but Yolan decided to instead strip Malvander of his power and force him to live as a peasant, so he could see first-hand the suffering that he had caused on Solem.


Malvander once ruled Solem alongside his brother Yolan Bren, though the latter came to see the evils of the Galactic Empire and joined the local resistance movement. Malvander retaliated by placing a bounty on his brother's head, hiring Boba Fett to capture him. Fett was successful, but rioting broke out in G'ai Solem as the resistance gathered to protest over Yolan's capture. Malvander attempted to bluff his way out of paying Fett the agreed amount, though Fett simply took the Governor's expensive necklace as the rest of his payment, leaving the governor in the hands of the rebels.

Rather than have his brother killed, Yolan spared Malvander, if only to ensure that he saw first-hand the suffering that he had caused on their homeworld. Yolan agreed that if it did not make a better man out of his brother, he would then be killed.



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