Mamkoda was an astronomical object in the Cassander sector, a part of the Trans-Hydian Borderlands region. During the cold war between the First Order,[1] the successor state of the Galactic Empire,[2] and the Resistance,[1] a small military force created by the New Republic senator Leia Organa,[3] a group of pirates operating in the sector took control of a local spaceport on Mamkoda and turned it into their base.[1]

Around 34 ABY,[4] the Resistance learned that the First Order wanted to take control of the Cassander sector by supplying weapons to the pirates, and as an answer to the threat, the Resistance sent a group of A-wing starfighters and bombers there. The group's first target in the region was the pirate base on Mamkoda, and after a battle with pirate forces, the Resistance forces were able to destroy the base.[1]

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Mamkoda was first mentioned in the the 2017 canon replica journal book The Last Jedi: Bomber Command, written by Jason Fry.[1]


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