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Nexu were a non-sentient, feline mammal

A Mammal was any of a class of warm-blooded vertebrates that had the skin more or less covered with fur and usually bore their young live from the womb and fully developed, resembling miniature versions of their parents. Some, however, have been known to lay eggs e.g. monotremes. Regardless of the birth process, all mammals nourished their young with milk secreted by the mammary glands of females. Humans were mammals, and so were Wookiees. Subgroups of mammals included the cetacean, rodents, marsupials, primates,[1] and pachydermoids.[2]

Prince Xizor felt that the way some individuals allowed their temper to rule them, particularly Darth Vader, was a legacy of their mammalian heritage.[3]


Technically, mammals appear in almost every Star Wars work. The following is a list of media in which mammals are specifically referred to:


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