The Manarai, also called Menarai, was an upscale restaurant located in Monument Plaza in the Manarai Mountains on Coruscant. The restaurant was actually built into the wall of the mountains' highest peak, Umate. The Master Chef of this restaurant was Tavvar Va'ran, recognized as the second best Kubaz chef in the galaxy.

It was co-owned by Prince Xizor, and was reserved specifically for the wealthiest and most powerful residents of the planet. In addition to this requirement, in order to actually attend the restaurant, one had to make reservations months in advance. However, being the co-owner, and the third most powerful being in the galaxy, Xizor was allowed in any time he wished and had a specific table reserved. Anyone eating at, or who had reservations at that table on the times that he visited were forced to automatically give up the table.

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