This article is about the twin mountain peaks on Coruscant. You may be looking for the Manarai Hills district on Coruscant.

The Manarai Mountains were twin mountain peaks, located in one of the few places on Coruscant that remained free of skyscrapers and cities. They were located near Orowood and the famous Imperial Palace, and were east of the Western Sea. Many floating restaurants revolved around the Mountains, giving patrons a unique view of the natural wonders.

The Manarai Mountains included the tallest peak, Umate; the restaurant Manarai; the Monument Plaza; and were home to the Flames of Umate cult. It was beneath the Manarai where Lusankya was hidden. Luke Skywalker had built a private retreat on the mountains shortly after establishing his Jedi academy.

During the Yuuzhan Vong assault on Coruscant, the Manarai Mountains were destroyed along with Luke's private retreat.

The mountains might have had native plant life.

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The Manarai Mountains were created by Timothy Zahn for Heir to the Empire. He stated that he knew that Coruscant was a planet-wide city, but assumed that there would still be a few areas of wilderness, as this would appeal to rich and powerful types who would want to build private country retreats.[1]



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