Mandallia was a planet located in the Mandalore system of the Outer Rim Territories. The homeworld of the Mandallian Giants, a race of physically large and muscular beings raised from birth as warriors, Mandallia was the neighbor world of the Mandalorian's home planet, Mandalore. The two worlds became associated after a failed invasion by the ancient Mandalorian Crusaders displayed the prowess of Mandallia's inhabitants, earning the Mandallian Giants the respect of the Mandalorians. Mandallia became a part of Mandalorian space following the Mandalorians' conquest of expansion during the early years of the Galactic Republic, with many Mandallians having earned the right to join the Mandalorians and fight alongside the original Taung race.

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Mandallia was a planet in the Outer Rim Territories' Mandalore sector. Located within the Mandalore system, Mandallia occupied the sixth orbit around the system's star, Mandalore, between the orbits of the planets Mandalore and Bonagal. A terrestrial world circled by a single moon,[1] Mandallia gave rise[2] to a race of immense, muscular beings covered in green[3] or blue scales, known as Mandallian Giants.[2]

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When the Taung warriors recast themselves as Mandalorians, and set out to conquer the worlds that surrounded their newly subjugated homeworld of Mandalore, these Mandalorian Crusaders set their sights on the neighboring Mandallia. However, the native Mandallian Giants[2] were trained in several forms of combat from infancy, developing powerful martial skills,[3] and when the Mandalorian Crusaders descended upon Mandallia, they were soundly repelled by its inhabitants. Such was the prowess of the Mandallians, that they earned the respect of their would-be conquerors, and were among the first to fight alongside the original Taung race as Mandalorians.[2]

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