The Mandallian Giants were a race of large, heavily muscled humanoids who were bigger and bulkier than Wookiees.

Biology and appearanceEdit

A distinctive aspect of their appearance was their reptilian form, which was covered in green scales. Their heads were dominated by large, pointed fin-like ears, with their face being protected by a long tusk-like bony plate. Their mouths were filled with serrated teeth as well as a pair of needle-sharp fangs, which hung from their upper jaw.

As the Mandallian Giants were large creatures, they were not very fast.



A Mandallian Giant

Members of this species were known throughout the galaxy for their militaristic skills, with many trained from birth in the combat arts that made them formidable warriors. It was believed that they were one of a few races that survived a full attack from the Mandalorian Crusaders. By not being conquered and their devotion to battle, they earned the respect of the Mandalorians, who allowed many of the Mandallian Giants into their ranks. Since that time, they were allowed to fight in many wars of conquest alongside the Mandalorians. They were known to welcome any fighter that came in their way.

Chewbacca encountered a Mandallian Giant casino bouncer when he was aboard The Wheel about 0 ABY, but defeated him easily.



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