Mandallian Narcolethe was a powerful alcoholic beverage. Produced by the Mandallian Giants[2] of Mandallia, a planet in the Outer Rim's Mandalore system,[1] Narcolethe became famous across the Outer Rim for the level of its potency, and was believed by many to be good for little more than ship fuel.[3] Over time, Mandallian Narcolethe came to be seen by many of the galaxy's residents as the definitive Mandalorian beverage. Despite this, Narcolethe's popularity among the Mandalorian community was rivaled strongly by ne'tra gal, a sweet black ale.[5]

Developed several millennia prior to the Galactic Civil War,[3] Narcolethe was introduced to the Mandalorian culture by the Mandallians whom they adopted into their clans after conquering Mandallia.[1] During the Great Sith War, Mandalorian Crusaders were known to feed their Basilisk war droids a mixture of unrefined Narcolethe and locap plasma.[3] In the year 200 BBY, members of the Mandalorian warrior clans engaged and defeated the Ithullans in a war over a Narcolethe distillery.[6]

The Oyu'baat tapcaf—the oldest cantina on the planet Mandalore, located in the planet's capital city of Keldabe—kept a large stock of Mandallian Narcolethe for its customers.[7] Members of the Death Watch were known for drinking Mandallian Narcolethe in excess, and Narcolethe was also a favored drink of the Mandalorian soldiers and constables Fenn Shysa and Tobbi Dala. The two enjoyed having a mug of Narcolethe together after work.[4] A bottle of Narcolethe or ne'tra gal was considered a good way to celebrate an event in Mandalorian culture, such the adoption of a new member of a clan.[8]

Sair Yonka, a non-Mandalorian Human male from Commenor, also enjoyed Mandallian Narcolethe.[9]



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