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The Mandalorian Guard, also known as the Mandalorian police was the security force of the New Mandalorian government on the planet Mandalore. They served as peacekeepers and as bodyguards to the Duchess Satine Kryze. During the Clone Wars, Mandalore faced constant threats of invasion, attacks by the Death Watch splinter group, and internal politics. Duchess Satine felt that the Mandalorian Guard, specifically the Mandalorian Protectors, were the only ones she could truly trust.[6]



The Mandalorian Guard, however, was susceptible to corruption, including members of the Mandalorian secret service.[2] Many Mandalorian Guards were killed during the takeover of Mandalore by the Death Watch and Shadow Collective and the subsequent death of Duchess Satine.[4]


The Mandalorian Guard utilized Aka'jor-class shuttles,[7] Buirk'alor-class speeders, and hover taxis.[1] Members of the guard were recruited from every Mandalorian clan.[8]

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The Mandalorian Guard first appeared in "The Mandalore Plot" of the second season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.[5]

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