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"But why expect better from the Republic? That fool Captain Morvis is exactly who they are—no judgment, all ambition! At least Mandalorians believe in something, Zayne. Yes, they can be indiscriminate and brutal, but with our guidance. They can change. The Republic can't. We're on the wrong side!"
―Dorjander Kace, to Zayne Carrick[2]

The Mandalorian Knights were former Jedi Masters who, during the Mandalorian Wars, defied the orders of the Jedi High Council and went to battle the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders under the command of the Jedi Revan. However, unlike the Revanchists, these rogue masters began covertly sabotaging the Galactic Republic war effort under the direction of the maverick ex-council member Dorjander Kace. Having come to believe that the Republic was corrupt beyond redemption, Kace and his followers embraced the Mandalorian way of life. The Mandalorian Knights wield orange-bladed lightsabers.


"Well, well. Captain Morvis and the young critic. Delighted to see you alive. Unlike your Republic, Mandalorians do have a use for prisoners. My Mandalorian Knights are volunteers, like me."
―Dorjander Kace, to Dallan Morvis and Zayne Carrick[1]

Kace and his followers reveal their true allegiance to Dallan Morvis and Zayne Carrick.

After his removal from the Jedi High Council, Dorjander Kace came to the conclusion that the Galactic Republic was irreparably corrupt and that the Mandalorians were far better suited for galactic dominion. Gathering a group of like-minded Jedi Knights and Masters, Kace became a double agent in the Mandalorian Wars for a brief period, serving as part of Revan's movement in appearance only, before his intentions were revealed by the Jedi Padawan Zayne Carrick. Kace and his newly-christened Mandalorian Knights ultimately joined Mandalore the Ultimate and his Neo-Crusaders as the Mandalorians' counterpart to the Jedi Order in the war. During his long-awaited infiltration of the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine in 3962 BBY, the Mandalorian Knights surrendered and were returned to the Core Worlds for trial.[1]



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