"This used to be the heart of the Mandalorian war effort. From this complex, we commanded an armada that had the Republic on the run."
Mandalore the Preserver[1]

The Mandalorian Outpost of Dxun was the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders' headquarters during the Mandalorian Wars, a sprawling complex that was built amidst the dangerous jungles of the moon of Onderon.

In the year 3996 BBY, Mandalore the Indomitable, Lord of the Mandalorian Clans, was slain by Drexl beasts during Fourth Battle of Onderon at the end of Great Sith War. While searching the untamed wilderness of Dxun for his remains, a Mandalorian Crusader discovered and claimed the legendary Mandalore's Mask. In time, the Crusader would rise to power as Mandalore the Ultimate.

The new Mandalore claimed Dxun and fortified it as the headquarters for a new crusade of conquest. By the year 3976 BBY, Lord Mandalore had reforged his people into the Neo-Crusaders and begun to conquer independent worlds in preparation for a large-scale invasion of the Galactic Republic. During the Mandalorian Wars, Mandalore's base on Dxun became the command center for his armadas as they battled the Republic fleets along the Outer Rim.

Near the end of the war, Republic forces under the command of the Jedi Revan succeeded in pushing the invading Neo-Crusaders back to their original Dxun staging-grounds and Revan ordered an invasion of the heavily defended moon. The Mandalorians were deeply entrenched after decades of occupation and were protected by hidden mines, traps, anti-air turrets, and the ferocious inhabitants of the jungle itself. As a result, the battle was one of the bloodiest of the entire war. The Mandalorians refused to give ground and it took the Republic months to dig them out of their fortifications.

Late in the battle, the Mandalorians abandoned their headquarters and only a few volunteers remained behind to defend its walls. In the end, the Neo-Crusaders lost both the battle and the war, but their spirit remained unbroken. Following the Jedi Civil War, the veteran warrior Canderous Ordo claimed the title of Mandalore and began to unite the scattered Mandalorian Clans.[2] Soon thereafter, Mandalorian forces reoccupied the headquarters that they had abandoned a decade before. In that place of isolation, they began to recruit, rebuild, and ready themselves for war once again.

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The emblem of Canderous's Mandalorians bears similarity to that of the Infinite Empire, and of the Star Forge.



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