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"You Korkie?"
"Prime Minister, is that you?"
"Secret service. You're all under arrest for treason, corruption, and conspiracy."
―A secret service officer to Korkie Kryze and his friends.[src]

The Mandalorian Secret Service was a New Mandalorian security organization, an elite unit of the Mandalorian Guard.


They wore New Mandalorian police armor, but with added black markings on their helmets, armor, batons, and riot shields. They wore a crest on their left shoulder that contained the phrase In Defense of Mandalore in Mandalorian.



Mandalorian Secret Service officers during the Clone Wars.

At some point they were created as a more elite Mandalorian police force, being the middlemen between the regular police and the Mandalorian Royal Guard.

During the Clone Wars, in the investigation of the black market conspiracy in the New Mandalorians' capital city of Sundari on Mandalore, by Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano and a team of cadets from the New Mandalorian Royal Academy of Government, several members of the Secret Service turned out to be traitors, in league with Prime Minister Almec.



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