Battle harnesses being deplyed alongside Mandalorians and Lagartoz War Dragons during a campaign against the Dark Underlord.

Mandalorian battle harnesses were a form of vehicle used by the Mandalorians. The vehicles were equipped with lasers and two appendages: a clawing arm and a trip hammer. During the New Sith Wars, these were used alongside Mandalorian soldiers and Lagartoz War Dragons to ambush the Dark Underlord's camp during a campaign against the Sith Lord's forces.

One such harness was owned by Olag Greck sometime around 5.5 BBY. Olag forced the astromech droid R2-D2 to utilize one in his droid fighting venue on Hosk Station. R2-D2 smashed C-3PX while in it, effectively ending the assassin droid's operational cycle.

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