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During the Mandalorian Civil War, the True Mandalorians made use of a large carrier to transport troops and starships. In the year 52 BBY, the carrier was used to deliver the True Mandalorian army and several Meteor-class Q-Carriers to the Korda system, where the Mandalorians had been contracted to extract a local defense force under hostile fire. Under the direction of Mand'alor Jaster Mereel, the True Mandalorians planned for the extraction in a meeting hall on board the carrier. Upon arriving in the Korda system, the carrier entered into orbit over Korda Six, and the True Mandalorians launched from several hangar bays along the outside of the carrier aboard their Meteor-class dropships, descending toward the planet's surface below.[1]


The True Mandalorians' vessel possessed a number of hangar bays of various sizes along its sides, where Q-Carriers could disembark for each mission. At least eight of these Meteor-class dropships could be made to fit comfortably within the larger carrier, along with up to three companies of embarked soldiers. The carrier itself was armed with multiple twin-barreled turrets, mounted along the sides of the ship.[1]

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The True Mandalorians' carrier vessel first appeared in the second issue of the Jango Fett: Open Seasons comic book series, written by author Haden Blackman and published June 17, 2002. Neither the carrier nor its class were named in the comic.


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