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"Once upon a time, these plains were covered with grass, but I never saw it. This destruction happened before I was born."
Sabine Wren[src]

In the final war of the larger, ancient Mandalorian conflict, a battle between the Jedi[1] and the Mandalorian warlords[3] caused a cataclysm[1] that scorched[3] much[2] of the planet Mandalore's surface into lifeless white desert,[4] uninhabitable outside of hermetically sealed dome cities.[3]

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"Did they fight against the Jedi? Yes, they absolutely did. Is there a big battle where there's a cataclysm between them and the Jedi? Yes. Have we pushed that idea that the cataclysm was so great that the surface of Mandalore was laid to waste? Absolutely, we did."
Dave Filoni[src]

The concept of a cataclysm devastating Mandalore was created as part of the backstory of the Mandalorian people as depicted in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series.[1] Within Star Wars Legends, this event was identified as the Mandalorian Excision,[5] though this information is no longer considered canon.

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