The Mandalorian disintegrator was the deadliest disruptor pistol available during the Dark Wars, a series of conflicts fought between remnants of the Sith Empire and the forces of the Galactic Republic occurring after the Jedi Civil War. The disintegrator was designed by the Mandalorian culture and was in violation of the Republic legal code. Like other disruptors of its time, the Mandalorian disintegrator fired energy bolts that ignored personal energy shields.


The Mandalorian disintegrator was a powerful and accurate disruptor pistol with an effective range of twenty-three meters,[1] which was comparable to other disruptor pistols of its time.[3] The white-colored energy bolts fired from the disintegrator passed through most personal energy shields and caused much more damage than contemporary disruptor pistol designs. The weapon was similar in appearance to the Mandalorian ripper, another disruptor weapon around at the same time as the disintegrator; it was silver in color, with a brown-colored hand grip and a wide barrel. Human-sized species needed one hand to operate the weapon, which was capable of receiving upgrades to its firing chamber, power cell, and targeting scope.[1]


Designed by the warlike Mandalorian culture, the Mandalorian disintegrator was the deadliest disruptor pistol in existence[1] during the Dark Wars, a string of conflicts[2] that were fought between leftovers of the Sith Empire and the forces of the Galactic Republic after the Jedi Civil War. Like other disruptor weapons of its time, the use of the disintegrator was a major violation of the legal code of the Galactic Republic. The pistol was an extremely rare and expensive weapon,[1] and in 3951 BBY,[2] it cost as much as 26,950 credits when it was available for sale.[1]

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The Mandalorian disintegrator first appeared in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, a 2004 video game by Obsidian Entertainment. In The Sith Lords, it was a rare ranged weapon which could be found in randomly determined locations throughout the game, which meant that the player was not guaranteed to find the pistol every time they played through the game. The disintegrator was one of the most powerful pistols in the game, it possessed a moderate attack bonus, and the weapon could be equipped with any ranged weapon upgrade.[1]



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