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The mural from Governor Vizsla's home on Concordia

These murals depicting Mandalorian crusaders battling Jedi were displayed in Sundari, the capital city of Mandalore. One depicted three ancient crusaders slaying Jedi and was mounted beneath the speaking balcony above the royal platform.[1] Another mural depicted a large battle between sword and rifle-wielding Mandalorians and Jedi and was displayed at the foot of the royal platform.[2] A third mural, depicting a single crusader slaying a Jedi, hung on the wall in governor Pre Vizsla's home on Concordia, one of the moons of Mandalore.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

According to The Clone Wars director Dave Filoni, there are elements of the mural that were intentionally designed to bear similarity to the artwork seen in Pablo Picasso's painting Guernica.[4] It is also an obvious reference to other Picasso painting, "Massacre in Korea".[source?]



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