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Neo-Crusader Shock Troopers

Neo-Crusader Shock Trooper during the Mandalorian Wars.

Mandalorian shock trooper was originally the name employed by the Mandalorian Crusaders 5,000 years before the Battle of Yavin to describe the gray skinned Taung's clans of soldiers.


They were fierce warriors who were quick and deadly and were very skilled in squad and solo-based strategies. They started the tradition of Mandalorians who would follow the Mandalorian Canons of Honor and developed a reputation as deadly soldiers. The use of them dated back at least to the Mandalorian Wars when they were known as Neo-Crusader Shock Troopers. Mandalorian Shock Troopers were frequent enemies of the Jedi during the days of the Galactic Republic and, at times, were allies of the Sith. It is hypothesized the training methods of these Shocktroopers may have went into the training of the regiments of the Grand Army of the Republic.

They were recognizable for their distinct armor designs and gradually changed from being a large army of crusaders to being smaller mercenary groups which eventually divided into two camps; the Death Watch and the True Mandalorians.



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