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"Mandalorian vambraces? Where did you get these?"
"Try them on. Grappling line, paralyzing darts, repulsor. All designed to combat the abilities of the Jedi."
―Sabine Wren and Fenn Rau[1]

Mandalorian vambraces were devices designed to combat the abilities of a Jedi, but were also utilized for many other combative purposes. Vambraces could be equipped with a large array of different weapons. The Mandalorians developed these vambraces alongside their armor as a reaction to the Jedi's Force abilities encountered during the Mandalorian-Jedi War.


Mandalorian vambraces were combat gear designed to counteract the Force abilities of a Jedi.[7] As such, they were equipped with various weapons that also proved useful against other foes. What was specifically on each pair of vambraces varied depending on the owners fighting style. Like their armor, a Mandalorian's vambraces were made of beskar, making them impervious to lightsaber attacks. A few Mandalorians had touchscreen displays on their vambraces, allowing them to control systems and weapons.[8]


Boba Fett's vambraces[]

Boba Fett's pair of vambraces were equipped with a variety of different offensive and defensive capabilities. His right vambrace was equipped with a laser targeting system. Beneath that, was a tiny launcher for tracking devices. Right below that was a dart launcher, capable of firing tranquilizer, stun, shock, or explosive darts. On the other side of his right vambrace, was a whipcord thrower, which could fire a 25-meter-long fibercord whip. On his left vambrace, was a mini rocket launcher; which could accommodate a wide variety of rockets, including: Kelvarex MM9 concussion rockets, Type-12A anti-personnel rockets, and Type-12A anti-personnel rockets. Off to the side was a ZX miniature flame projector by Czerka Arms, which, combined with a reinforced fuel line connected his Z-6 jetpack, could provide a steady supply of fuel for up to three minutes. Further down on the left vambrace, was a holoprojector, comms system, and a Dur-24 wrist laser from BlasTech Industries.[9] However, while Fett's vambraces contained multi-purpose buttons and switches, they did not contain a touchscreen display. Boba Fett also implemented a chain code into his armor's vambraces.[10]

Sabine Wren's vambraces[]

Sabine's vambraces were a gift from Protector of Concord Dawn, Fenn Rau.[1] They were similar to Fett's, yet contained an Energy Shield Projector above the laser targeting system and motion detectors below the grappling line. Both of Wren's vambraces contained touchscreen displays, providing her with an alternate means of monitoring and controlling weapons, sensors, comms systems, and the HUD inside her helmet.[8]

Din Djarin's vambraces[]

Din Djarin owned a pair of vambraces made by the Armorer. His vambraces complemented his other weapons and fighting style instead of acting as its own weapon. As such, many features were substituted out for a more complementary style. His left vambrace was equipped with whistling birds, allowing him to fire off 11 mini projectiles at once.[6] Djarin had a whipcord launcher, allowing him to fire off a slightly less durable but significantly longer length of cord. Both of his vambraces were equipped with flamethrowers as well as their own fuel tank, allowing him to use them without the need of his jetpack. Djarin could control his jetpack from right vambraces, even if it wasn't on him. Djarin used his vambraces in tandem with his various other weapons.[11][12]


Following the Mandalorians' war against the Jedi, they developed vambraces to work in tandem with their armor to combat the Jedi's abilities.[13] Bounty hunters, such as the famed Mandalorian mercenary and foundling[14] Jango Fett[15] and later[16] his son Boba[17] used them in their line of work. Death Watch leader Pre Vizsla[4] and his followers such as Bo-Katan Kryze used vambraces during Death Watch's exile from Mandalore. Vizsla used vambraces when he fought Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano,[3] forces of the Hutt Clan,[18] and when he dueled the renegade Sith Lord Maul for control of the Shadow Collective.[4] The post-Great Purge of Mandalore Mandalorian group known as the Tribe also used vambraces.[11] In 35 ABY,[19] the bounty hunter Carib Diss wore a Mandalorian vambrace equipped with whistling birds while residing on Kijimi.[20]

Behind the scenes[]

"Mandalorians are prideful, brilliant warriors in their own right. They're also technologically savvy and advanced. This is how they've fought the Jedi. So again this kind of plays into the opening with Tarre Vizsla in the images of them fighting. So you're seeing here almost a small re-enactment of a Jedi-Mandalorian war and how a Mandalorian would get the upperhand, surprising Jedi with technology and then cutting them down, finishing them off. So they'd get this advantage."
―Dave Filoni[src]

The Mandalorian vambrace first appeared with Boba Fett in Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back.[16] They were later identified in the Star Wars Rebels Season Three episode Trials of the Darksaber.[1]



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