This Mandalorian warship was part of the Neo-Crusader fleet during the Mandalorian Wars.[3]


The dagger-shaped class was similar in appearance to the Venator-class Star Destroyer produced millennia later for the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars.[4] The vessel was armed with anti-capital ship missiles.[3]

It had at least four main thrusters, arranged similarly to the later Venator-class[4] and several small auxiliary thrusters. Given it successfully pursued the command ship Courageous from the battlefield, its top speed was the same or greater than the Inexpugnable-class.[3]

The ship is possibly the first example of a dagger-shaped warship, which would later become extremely common in form of Star Destroyers.


During the retreat from the Battle of Serroco, the remains of the Courageous battle group were attacked by several of these ships, along with Mandalorian boarding craft.[3]


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