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The Mandator II-class Star Dreadnaught was a warship design that served in the centralized Republic Navy by 19 BBY.[3][1]


The Mandator II-class was a powerful vessel. While Star Destroyers like the Venator-class could stand up to a handful of Separatist Recusant-class light destroyers, a Star Dreadnought like the Mandator II-class could withstand an assault of up to 1,000 Recusants.[1]As such, the vessel carried reactor equipment large enough to force the length of its hull up to its length of 8 kilometers.[4]


Having cut its ties to the Techno Union prior to the Clone Wars, Kuat Drive Yards began building starships for Republic use only.[5] Among its new designs was the Mandator II-class, an upgrade of the prewar Mandator-class Star Dreadnaught, which had formed part of the Kuat sector's defenses in peace-time.[6] These heavy vessels formed part of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine's newly centralized Republic Navy during the Clone Wars,[3] along with KDY's other heavily armed, wedge-shaped warship designs.[1][7]

The class was far larger and more heavily armed than the Venator-class Star Destroyer and was produced in fewer numbers than this common Jedi cruiser.[8] The various KDY warships were collectively praised for the Republic's victories during the war, while the Jedi Generals' leadership was downplayed.[1][7][9] The Mandator II-class design was later surpassed by heavy warships made during the reign of the Galactic Empire.[10]

Among the designs derived from it, was the Bellator-class dreadnought and the Mandator III-class dreadnought which emphasized different aspects of both the Mandator and Mandator II classes.[2]

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According to Ansel Hsiao on forums around the time The Essential Guide to Warfare was released, both he and Jason Fry planned to make all the Mandator-series, in addition to the Bellator-class, humpbacked vessels similar to the one that appeared in Dark Empire, although nothing of the sort made it into the final cut by the time of its release.[11] However, the intended humpbacked hulls of the Mandator-series was nonetheless implied in Jason Fry's endnotes for the book.


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