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Manderon Period was an era of the Galactic Republic which lasted from 7000 BBY to 5000 BBY and reached its height some 6,000 years before the Galactic Civil War. It was marked by a "trio" of discoveries which changed the fate of the galaxy.

The Exiles discovered the Sith Empire. The Corellian Trade Spine was completed by 5500 BBY. Simultaneously the Herglics and Givin form the Rimma Trade Route out of pre-existing praediums.


The Hundred-Year Darkness is fought during the first century of this period.

According to legend, the Mandalorian Crusaders were formed around the beginning of this period on the planet Mandalore by the Taung, Mandalore the First.

Mrlsst and Dorin join the Republic during this period.

Jatz musical style is believed to have been popular during the Manderon Period. Also, artisan Andel Tanner lived during this period.

The Cold Coil made an incursion from the Unknown Regions into Republic territory early in the Manderon Period. They were repelled by forces led by Enos Ozzel.[7]

  • 5103 BBY[12]
    • Tenebrae kills Lord Dramath and embarked on a conquest of Nathema.[12]
  • 5000 BBY
    • The Unification Wars come to an end, with the Koros system united under Empress Teta's rule.[2]
    • The Great Hyperspace War—a galactic conflict between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire—erupts when two young hyperspace scouts, Gav and Jori Daragon, accidentally make contact with the Sith.[2]
    • The Manderon Period comes to an end.[2]



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