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Maniac was a male Krish, who worked as a starship mechanic during the time of the Galactic Civil War.


Maniac originally worked for the Yagaran Four, a team of bounty hunters. When they insisted that he modify the hyperdrive on their YT-1300 light freighter, Maniac agreed, but pushed the hyperdrive right to the edge of its capabilities with some new modifications. As a result, when the bounty hunters engaged the hyperdrive near the world Elin Roe, their ship exploded.

Afterward, Maniac gained employment as a mechanic in Bolabo's Garage on Byblos. While working there, he modified the droid R2-X0 and nicknamed it "Patchwork."

Personality and traitsEdit

Maniac had a maniacal look in his eyes, a pointy-toothed grin and continually giggled uncontrollably. His hobby was modifying droids and he also liked to try and solve small electronic puzzles. General Airen Cracken of the Alliance to Restore the Republic considered Maniac to be creepy.


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