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"At last! Actions like these were the doorway to advancement, sought after by any ARC trooper worth manka spit."
―Advanced Recon Commando A-98 'Nate', reflecting upon his elite assignment to escort two Jedi Masters on their critical mission to Ord Cestus in 22 BBY[3]

Manka cats were a non-sentient feline species native to the planets Tython and Alderaan. Fur-covered quadrupeds, manka cats were considered dangerous by most sentients who encountered them, and were often hunted for safety reasons as well as for food gathering. While hunted primarily for their meat, manka tusks and teeth were also prized for their medicinal use to cure illnesses. Carnivores with gnashing teeth and strong forelegs with sharp claws, the manka hunted in packs and alone, capable of bringing down nerfs and other large animals.[1]

Capable of domestication, manka cats were kept by the Flesh Raiders of Tython in their camps, gnawing on bones of past prey and aiding in the defense of their camps from local Jedi exploring the region during the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the resurgent Sith Empire.[1]

Manka cats saw some exportation during the history of the Galactic Republic to other worlds, including Kashyyyk and a jungle planet in the Outer Rim Territories.[4] Therefore, when the hyperlanes to Tython collapsed and Alderaan was destroyed in 0 BBY, manka cats were still widespread in the galaxy, and knowledge and familiarity with them was quite commonplace.[5]



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