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"When the Separatists invaded, they blew up the only bridge leading onto the island. Turned it into their private resort."
―Corso Riggs[src]

Mannett Point was an island on Ord Mantell near the island of Avilatan. The two islands were connected by a bridge, but the waterway between them could be crossed easily by foot.

History[edit | edit source]

Mannett Point was originally an uninhabited island. After the discovery of Avilatan, Mannett Point became an underground treasure vault for Mantellian pirates.[2] As Ord Mantell began a period of intense corruption, businessmen took over the pirate vaults, and began using them as freight centers. Mannet Point became a trading hub for Ord Mantell.

After the establishment of Fort Garnik, Republic forces used Mannet Point as an ordnance and munitions depot. After a Separatist revolt, the Mantellian Separatist Movement took control of the base. Separatist raids destroyed the bridge connecting Mannett Point and Avilatan. Slaughtering Republic forces, Separatists captured the majority of the Republic munitions stored there.

After establishing control of Mannett Point, the Separatist forces set up the island as a fortress. Despite this, several civilians used the island as a hospital. Republic forces helped supply this medical facility.

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