The Manollium-class herdship was a starship class used by the Ithorian species and was designed by the Brathflen Corporation.


The Ithorians specified that they wanted a starship that would be able to travel the galaxy but mirrored the environment of their home world of Ithor. As such, these vessels measured 980 meters long and had all the luxuries of a cruise ship. Due to the Ithorians respect for nature and life, these vessels often reflected that goal and were loyal to that view. This resulted in the ships having weaponry designed to disable an enemy or scare them away but not kill them.

The Ithorian Herdships' weapons included ten ion cannons and a pair of tractor beams but was devoid of any laser or blaster weaponry. The ships were often crewed by 800 officers and 24 gunners while its passenger load could include 1,050 and still carry 500,000 metric tons of cargo.



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