Lord Manos was the Devaronian head of the galaxy's largest labor union, specializing in representing repressed alien workers. Although naturally greedy, Manos had a genuine desire for equality between people of all species.

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Manos used his great wealth to help fund Carnor Jax's plan to sabotage Palpatine's clones. After the Emperor's death, Manos was offered a seat on Jax's Interim Ruling Council as one of its non-Human members. Manos was one of Feena D'Asta's only supporters on the council. Manos, along with Prince Za, was the only person to support Feena's vote of no confidence in Xandel Carivus after he became head of the council. After this vote, in which two of the five aliens on the council had voted against him, Carivus expelled and imprisoned the nonhuman members of the council.

Following Carivus' death, he was taken into New Republic custody.

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