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"Best part of the mission."
―Wrecker, to Omega, after purchasing Mantell Mix[src]

Mantell Mix was a snack mix that came in cartons and was sold in Ord Mantell City. A Pantoran vendor sold the mix for 7 credits per carton. The young child clone Omega and the clone commando Wrecker had a tradition for eating the mix after completing missions. Wrecker would bill the mix on Cid's tab, amassing fees totaling to twenty cartons worth of snacks. Omega kept a handful of Mantell Mix in her pocket during the Bad Batch's mission to Bracca and later offered it to Wrecker as a sign of forgiveness for his actions under the influence of his inhibitor chip.


"How's the Mantell Mix, kid?"
"Mm-hmm. Better than ever.
―Wrecker and Omega[src]

Mantell Mix was a crunchy snack food found on the planet Ord Mantell. The mix came as small spheres with bumpy exteriors, which were colored white and various shades of purple. It was edible by humans,[1] Ithorians, and Weequays.[2]


Mantell Mix was available in Ord Mantell City shortly after the formation of the Galactic Empire. A Pantoran vendor sold the snack from a stand for seven credits a carton. The fugitive clones Wrecker and Omega, whose team began working for the local informant Cid as mercenaries, developed a tradition of going out for cartons of Mantell Mix after missions, charging the cartons to Cid's tab instead of paying for them directly. By the time the squad returned from a mission to steal a lizard from the Rhokai gang, the two had incurred a debt for a total of twenty cartons, which was included on a list of expenses that Cid showed to squad leader Hunter. Having not known about the Mantell Mix, its inclusion on the list was particularly surprising to him.[1]

Omega kept some Mantell Mix in her pocket when the Bad Batch traveled to Bracca so the clone commandos could have their implanted inhibitor chips, which had been used to turn the clone army against the Jedi in Order 66, surgically removed. However, before his operation could begin, Wrecker's chip activated and he attacked the other clones as traitors, cornering and nearly killing Omega before he was subdued. After his surgery was successfully carried out, Wrecker apologized to Omega for his actions under the chip's influence. As a sign of forgiveness, she offered the mix in her pocket to him, saying that as the mission was over they could not break tradition, and they shared the snack together.[1]

When the Batch returned to Ord Mantell after[3] a skirmish with Imperial forces[4] and Omega's rescue from a bounty hunter who had kidnapped her,[5] Omega and Wrecker shared a carton of Mantell Mix. While they were eating, Echo took a handful of the mix and sniffed it suspiciously.[3]

Later, Cid's Parlor was taken over by the criminal Roland Durand and his thugs. As part of Cid's plan to retake her business, loyal patrons Bolo and Ketch kidnapped Ruby, Durand's pet, by luring the lizard out of the cantina with a trail of Mantell Mix left behind by Ketch, before Bolo trapped her in a cage. While keeping watch for Durand and his enforcers, Ketch regularly fed Ruby Mantell Mix to keep her quiet until Bolo accidentally dropped her cage.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Mantell Mix first appeared in the Star Wars: The Bad Batch episode "Battle Scars,"[1] which premiered on Disney+ on June 11, 2021.[6] In early scripts of the episode, the snack was going to be Outpost Mix, like that served at Kat Saka's Kettle in the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge theme park, which represents the planet Batuu. However, it was changed to Mantell Mix after it was decided that Ord Mantell should have its own version of the snack, although the final version still greatly resembles Outpost Mix.[7]



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