The Mantle of the Force was a powerful crystal rediscovered by Suvam Tan and possibly used by Revan. It added a cyan color to a lightsaber.

Revan purchased this crystal from Suvam Tan near the end of his search for the Star Forge, as well as another legendary crystal, the Heart of the Guardian. He discovered that when placed in a lightsaber, its properties altered depending on the other crystals the lightsaber carried, making it more powerful in the areas that the other crystals improved; though it always enhanced Force abilities.

Behind the scenesEdit

Mantle of the Force

A Jedi's lightsaber containing the "Mantle of the Force"

This crystal can only be purchased at the Yavin Station in the PC version of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for 25,000 credits; Yavin is also available as downloadable content in the Xbox version. The silver-cyan color of the blade is exclusive to this crystal in the game.

In "Shadows and Light", Duron Qel-Droma had a vision that seemed to suggest that Revan used this crystal in his duel with Darth Malak. However, this is a disputed topic, since the vision had a blue tint.



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