Mar Rugeyan was a male Human who served as the Senate Head of Public Affairs during the Clone Wars. His office was located on floor 391 of the Support Services Center, Coruscant.


In 22 BBY, he was present during the Galactic City spaceport hostage siege as the media relations coordinator. He drew the ire of special security advisor Kal Skirata, when he was overheard calling clone commando, Fi, a "grunt" shortly after Fi had saved their lives. Skirata confronted him about this but Rugeyan arrogantly dismissed him by saying that only the hostage Senator mattered. In response to this, Skirata physically grabbed him in the nether regions to get his full attention and insisted that he leave the incident scene, which Rugeyan quickly did.

Despite this history, Rugeyan proved not to hold a grudge against Skirata and the Cuy'val Dar. A year later, he was helpful when Skirata requested his cooperation during another anti-terror operation on Coruscant.



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