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"The DL-18 for my hip, the sleeve gun for surprise, and... yes the lightsaber. Old fashioned, but useful."
Mara Jade[1]

This lightsaber was the weapon carried by Emperor's Hand Mara Jade. It produced a magenta blade when ignited.


Mara Jade with her lightsaber after the Battle of Endor.

This lightsaber was constructed by Mara Jade from a rare crystal given to her by Emperor Palpatine when she became an Emperor's Hand.[2]

She used this weapon with her hold-out blaster throughout the Galactic Civil War, including in the Shelsha sector,[3] on Svivren,[1] Chibias[4] and Kintoni[5]. She lost it after the Battle of Endor, during her duel with Lumiya on Caprioril.[6]

Several years later, Mara Jade joined the New Jedi Order and constructed a new purple-bladed lightsaber as part of her training to become a Jedi Knight.[6]

Behind the scenes[]

Mara Jade Limited Signature Edition Lightsaber.

The official design of the lightsaber's hilt was released for the promotional images of Mara's model, Shannon McRandle. The most famous is the cover of Star Wars Insider 47.

In 2008, Master Replicas released a limited edition (750 pieces) prop replica from Mara Jade's lightsaber. It was featured with a signed plaque by Shannon McRandle.[7][8]


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Mara Jade on mission.

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