Mara Jade: A Night on the Town is a 16-page comic featured in Star Wars Tales #1, written by Timothy Zahn. It takes place not long after the events of Return of the Jedi. It was reprinted in Star Wars Tales Volume 1 and Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: The New Republic Vol. 1.

Plot summary[edit | edit source]

Mara Jade lands on Kintoni in an attempt to escape the forces of Ysanne Isard. There she spots Rebel General Crix Madine being escorted by several Rebel guards to a local garrison. Mara infiltrates the building that Crix entered and sees him interrogating former Imperial Governor Barkale. Barkale insists he knows nothing of the location of his sector forces, and he is eventually sent back to his "quarters." Mara works her way through the building to Governor Barkale, until she finds a datapad showing the Executor. She links it into the main sensor feed. She continues through the garrison until she's stopped in Madine's quarters. Crix calls for reinforcements, but when he reaches for his robe, she shoots his blaster out of his hands and puts her own to his head just as the reinforcements arrive.

Meanwhile, the Executor is seen on the security screen (a product of Mara's sabotage), resulting in the alarm being sounded, allowing Mara to stun-blast the distracted guards. Mara makes a deal with Crix; one which apparently involves her and Governor Barkale getting out alive. Barkale leads Mara to his home nearby, where Mara discovers a sculpture and asks where it came from. Barkale claims he got it from the treasury, but Mara notices that it was reported by Barkale to be stolen or destroyed in a Rebel attack two years ago; as is the case for most of the art in the room. She charges him with treasonous embezzlement, but Barkale throws a vase at her head. She quickly ducks out of the way and shoots Governor Barkale with her blaster. Mara contacts General Madine, and gives him the address of Barkale's treasure stash; she muses that the Rebels would have found it regardless, and that them getting it a few days early was worth killing the traitorous Barkale. As dawn approaches, Mara boards a shuttle and flies off.

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