"My Maraki is gone. You have slain one of my children."

Maraki was the name of a Hoth hog that had been altered in size and appearance by genetic engineering.


Maraki was immensely larger than a standard Hoth hog, with a large mane of black fur running from his head down the back. He also had a different tusk configuration on the snout as well as two large horns protruding from his head and several smaller ones from the sides of his neck.[2] He was the result of genetic experimentation by the Nightsister Kyrisa who had crashed on Hoth after being exiled from Dathomir by Clan Mother Gethzerion. Kyrisa had mastered the power of Animal friendship and could exert and maintain control over large groups of beasts during the extended periods of time and over great distance.[1]

Around 2 ABY the Rebel Alliance had discovered Hoth and established a small outpost there, evaluating the potential of building a larger base.[3] One of its agents was caught in a snowstorm and was forced to find shelter inside a cavern with thermal activity. Following a tunnel, he stumbled across a large dark chamber where Maraki resided with several smaller Hoth hogs. After spotting the intruder, the beasts attacked him, but after a long and vicious struggle they were all eventually killed. Sensing his death, Kyrisa rushed to the cave, accompanied by two Wampas, and confronted the Rebel, who was about to leave. She ignored his words that he was forced to defend himself and accused him of murdering her "children". She then ordered her menagerie to attack, but the well-armed Rebel managed to slay most of the beasts.[1]



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