Maramere was the Mere homeworld in the Outer Rim Territories. The planet fell under the domination of Lord Toat of the Trade Federation, which used it as a repository of stygium crystals from nearby Aeten II.


Pre–Clone WarsEdit

The planet was crime-free from 27 BBY until 24 BBY, when Sol Sixxa killed Toat and, with the assistance of Nym, liberated the planet from the Trade Federation, although the Trade Federation used vast resources to recapture the planet, but were finally defeated by Nym with the help of Adi Gallia in 22 BBY.

Gallia and Nym first liberated prisoners from Spacestation 1138 and defeated Harro Ruuk. Gallia and Nym's pirates, the Lok Revenants, had to protect Maramere from Sabaoth Squadron's Hex Deployers and Hex Bombers, which tried to poison the planet with trihexalon. Nym then destroyed the Trade Federation base on Mount Merakan.

Clone WarsEdit

Maramere became a prosperous resort world and remained loyal to the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars. In 20 BBY, Durge assassinated Drama Korr in a starship near Maramere. Anakin Skywalker then pushed Durge into an escape pod and sent him to his death in Maramere's sun, Karthakk.

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