"Where is Gunray? Where is Haako? A third-tier flunky has no right to negotiate on the Trade Federation's behalf. We have our battleships. We have our droids. If Palpatine wants our wealth, let him come and take it."
―Marath Vooro[src]

Marath Vooro of Enarc was Customs Vizier of the Trade Federation at the time of the formation of the Galactic Empire.


Vooro was vocally against Sentepeth Findos' treaty with the New Order, and warned that Enarc would resist with due force against the Empire. Because of this, he also gained control of a remaining portion of the Trade Defense Force, and its droid forces, at Eriadu. He had some support from Separatist sympathizers, but ultimately he lost due to both incompetent officers and a large percentage of his fleet being decimated at Farstine by a fleet led by Grand Moff Octavian Grant. Vooro was later captured at the Hook Nebula.

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