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A group of marauding Dark Jedi were known to roam the Elrood sector a few years before the Invasion of Naboo. Their raids were brought to an end when the Jedi Knight Jorus C'baoth intervened, leading a strike team of fellow Knights in the sector.[1] C'baoth's victory over the Dark Jedi ultimately led to his assuming the title of Jedi Master,[2] a claim the Jedi High Council recognized as valid.[1] Many years later, it was thought that C'baoth had in fact defeated a Dark Jedi insurrection in the Bpfassh system during the Clone Wars instead, while that particular event was actually the work of the Grand Master Yoda.[3]

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In Timothy Zahn's 1992 novel Dark Force Rising, Jorus C'baoth was credited with defeating a Dark Jedi insurrection on Bpfassh between the years 77 and 74 "Pre-Empire" (P.E.). The book also mentions C'baoth assumed the title of Jedi Master that same year 74 P.E.[4] However, after the date of the Clone Wars was set between 22 and 19 BBY, this became impossible. In 2008, The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia credited Yoda with opposing the Bpfasshi darksiders, stating that legend had distorted truth.[3] However, the 2002 sourcebook Star Wars Roleplaying Game Revised Core Rulebook had already established its own retcon, by stating C'baoth had settled a Dark Jedi insurrection in the Elrood sector, a few years before the Battle of Naboo.[1]

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