Marcha's Estate was the residence of Duchess Marcha of Mastigophorous on Drall. It comprised a hemispheric domed mansion twenty meters high with an enclosed courtyard, a sprawling complex of woodlands, a stretch of riverbanks, and gardens, including beds of Marcha's favorite flowers, nannariums.

The mansion was one of the grandest on Drall, with its dome sitting atop tall white walls and supported by elegant interior columns, which framed the entrances to the two wings of the house; one carved of white marble and the other of black ebony. Drallish artisans carved figures and creatures out of myth and legend into the doorframes and all around the columns. Directly underneath the dome lay the courtyard, filled with flowers, planters, and a magnificent fountain with a jet of water reaching nearly to the dome. Marcha's love of nature shone here, as she kept dozens of exotic species of aviars and Corellian birds to fly freely in the spacious area. Surrounding the fountain was a complex hedgerow maze. The wings of the house were each three stories high and lavishly decorated, filled with bedrooms and amenities for potentially dozens of visiting family members, and some tailored for Human-sized visitors.

From the outside, the estate appeared impressive but plain. Green vines grew in aesthetically pleasing patterns up the gleaming white walls, and the white dome was surrounded on either side by dark slate roofs atop each wing. Along the riverside lay a pier with a white boat, a family pleasure craft.

Ebrihim, the childhood tutor of Jacen and Jaina Solo, grew up in the estate, playing in the hedgerow maze and along the banks of the river. During the First Corellian Insurrection, Ebrihim guided Chewbacca and the Solo children, including Anakin, to land there in the Millennium Falcon and take shelter. Although Drallist riots were occurring in scattered areas planetwide, they remained unmolested at the estate. There they planned an expedition to uncover the planetary repulsor of Drall.



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