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"Crazy alien!"
―A Gran yelling at Marfalump[src]

Marfalump was a four-armed, alien male who was adopted by a Human family who lived in Iowa, on the planet Earth. He loved Star Wars and the soda Pepsi.[1]

Marfalump had yellow eyes and mottled-purple skin, and he stood at a height of four feet. He wore a white shirt with "Star Wars" printed on it.[1]

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Behind the scenesEdit

"The power of the Marfalump idea is it's one, simple idea. It's not about Pepsi or Star Wars. It's about a character that loves both."
―A Pepsi spokesperson in "The Birth of Marfalump"[src]

Marfalump was a character created for a tie-in campaign between the 1999 film Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace and PepsiCo. The character was realized as a digital creation by Industrial Light & Magic Commercial Productions, who collaborated with advertising agency BBDO-New York.[1]

Marfalump appeared exclusively in a series of Pepsi television commercials cross-promoting The Phantom Menace's theatrical and home video releases. In the commercials, Marfalump was voiced by Billy West. "Landing," the first commercial to feature Marfalump, began airing in late May 1999.[1] A short documentary called "The Birth of Marfalump" also aired.[2]


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