The Margrave Octan of Nallastia was a descendant of the Royal Octans of the Darpa sector. Around 4000 BBY, he commissioned the starship Sun Runner to transport his family and 867 other colonists to the Tapani sector, there to establish residence on one of Fondor's six moons, which he had purchased to save it from industrial exploitation. He named the moon after his wife, Nallastia.[1][2]

Like his ruling-family predecessors, the Margrave Octan gained his wealth as a dynastic space pirate by the use of a precious family heirloom of three power gems. These jewels were carried aboard his vessel to disrupt magnetic defense shields, allowing him to overtake targeted ships and seize their property.[1][2]

The Margrave was bearded and had green eyes.[3] His direct descendant was the Margravine Quenelle, the Skull Queen of Nallastia.[1]


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