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This mission took place during the Galactic Civil War, as an Imperial diplomat had two Rebel couriers deliver an important message to the leaders of the Alliance.


Agents from the Imperial Security Bureau had infiltrated the Rebel Alliance and caused the deaths of several Rebel operatives. The Imperial diplomat, who secretly worked with the Rebel Alliance, knew the identities of many of these ISB agents and had the two couriers deliver the information to the Alliance.

The Empire knew about the diplomat, but not who the diplomat was, and had issued a bounty on the two couriers, hoping to capture them and learn the identity of the diplomat and subsequently execute him publicly. A number of professional bounty hunters, including Boba Fett and Zardra, as well as some regular hoodlums, set the couriers as marks.

The missionEdit

While Mari's job was to deliver the message, her friend was to supply offworld transport. The mission suffered a setback as Fett killed Mari's friend in a cantina where Mari herself and a group of spacers were also present. As Mari was hiding in the shadows, Fett did not spot her, but announced that he was looking for her and willing to pay a hefty reward to anyone who could point him to her. The spacers noted Mari hiding in the dark - partially because of her beautiful face and because of a single tear running down her cheek.

Danger in the streetsEdit

Not knowing that the spacers had seen her, Mari sneaked out of the cantina and into the dark streets outside. Here, she was attacked by a gang of hoodlums, who had heard about the bounty on her head. Having been encircled by the gang, Mari desperately screamed out for help. Unbeknownst to her, the spacers had decided to try and find her and had heard the screams. The spacers arrived just in time and interrupted the gang. The gang leader invited the spacers to a brawl where only blades and batons were allowed. The spacers agreed and managed to defeat the gang. As the gang leader saw his minions defeated, he pulled a blaster on the spacers, but was assaulted out of the blue by Zardra. While Zadra disposed of the gang leader with her force pike, Mari and the spacers ran off and hid in a dark alley.

Here Mari thanked them for saving her and, after they convinced her that they wanted to help her, Mari revealed her identity and mission, and implored the spacers to help her offworld. At this point Boba Fett had found them and offered the spacers a large sum of money for handing over Mari.

Ambushed in the docking bayEdit

Mari and the spacers managed to quietly slip away into the dark and made way for the docking bay where the spacers' ship was parked.

In the docking bay, the group was attacked by yet another bounty hunter, who tried to sneak up on the group and knock one of them unconscious. The bounty hunter ultimately failed, and the Rebel and spacers made it to the ship and took off, just as Fett and Zardra entered the docking bay.

Space battle and escape to hyperspaceEdit

The bounty hunters contacted spaceport control, who dispatched a Star Destroyer and four TIE fighters to capture the spaceship. The strategy was for the TIEs to pester the spacers' ship while the Star Destroyer brought its tractor beam to bear.

However, the spacers and Mari managed to make a jump to lightspeed and escape the Imperial forces, thus enabling Mari to complete her mission and deliver the Imperial diplomat's message.

Behind the scenesEdit

This article assumes the light side ending of Rebel Escape, in which this event appears. However, it is possible for the player characters fail the scenario, resulting in Mari's mission failing. The location of the mission is kept unspecified, as the scenario is designed to serve as both a stand-alone scenario and as a part of a campaign.


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